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Grooming my image on the barbecue circuit

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I live in a house and eat food. I like Canadian politics and think that Stephen Harper is a delightful chap when he's not ruining everything. I'm vegetarian, but in addition to not eating meat I also don't eat processed sugar or excessively fatty or fried foods. I do this mainly for health reasons, but that doesn't mean I won't acknowledge how delicious all those things are.
I'm an American which I'm not too happy about. I like the whole freedom of speech and religion and the whole civil liberties thing, that's very nice and I am quite grateful to have these things, but it's the fact that the United States acts like it's the only country to have these things that bothers me. Also I'm sorry but I would very much like to have healthcare, kthx.
I wish I could play the ukulele, that would be fantastic. I have only ever liked two boys romantically in my life and both could play, so I guess that says something about me then. I like to write and draw and cook, but who on LiveJournal doesn't like to do those things?
That's really all I have to say about me. That and I can name the first 150 Pokemon.